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Picnic at Pineapple

Picnic at PineappleA few weeks ago, our community group organised a picnic and fun afternoon for families and residents in the area, alongside many different churches and the local community, creating a real sense of unity. We planned and ran the event with the Church of the Ascension, which was really exciting; they opened the church building so that people could look round. Their minister, Mother Josephine, was delighted with the number of people that came in who hadn’t crossed the threshold before: “they welcomed 15 people in the 1-2 slot, and I spoke to one man who has lived around the corner for 9 years but had never been inside.”
It was wonderful to see that over the three hours the picnic ran quite a few people came who weren’t from a church and enjoyed it. It was a terrific time, mingling over food, crafts, face-painting and a bouncy castle. And the greatest part was that the picnic ran from 12 til 3pm: the rain started at 3:01. The weather held out so everyone could enjoy being together, not hiding out under the gazebos!

It was exciting that everyone was so positive and looking forward to the next event.
Many thanks to everyone in the community group who was involved, providing support and equipment for the picnic, and the time you gave up for setting up at the beginning and clearing up at the end.
Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us!