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Pineapple Stay & Play

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for and supported Pineapple Stay & Play in its early stages. We opened in November and have been amazed at what God has already done. The group has grown quickly and each week we now have around 25 children and 20 adults, meeting to have fun and build friendships. We have been amazed at how the bible stories and songs about God have been accepted and enjoyed.

Some highlights for me so far:

  • Meeting a mum from the corner of my road who rarely goes out on her own with her 2 children and had never been to a toddler group before. She only came for a few weeks, but it was brill to establish the relationship.
  • Praying for a mum who had a large and painful splinter. She had tried to get it out for 10 mins, we prayed and it came straight out. May seem like a simple thing, but she has talked about it a number of times since and wants to come to church.
  • Welcoming a new couple who said they needed a place where the mum, who has a spinal chord problem, could feel accepted and get help with her baby who she can’t lift out of the car on her own.
  • Having lunch with a mum after the group, who shared how much she had seen her son grow in confidence since coming to the group for just a short time.
  • Encouraging a mum who lacked confidence and said she wasn’t very good at having people round to her house; she has now established a monthly food and recipe sharing group for women in Stirchley.
  • Hearing my own daughter repeat the Bible stories she has heard there.

We have so much to thank God for, here’s just a few:

  • Safety – so far no major accidents!
  • Financial provision – when we started in Nov we only had enough to run until Jan. God has stretched what we had and provided so much more… a generous £500 gift to buy equipment at the start, £600 anonymous donation that will cover our rent for 2 terms, £2,500 grant from the Community Chest towards new equipment and events for the coming year.
  • 2 fantastic women who each gave their time for a few months to help in the kitchen preparing snacks and drinks.
  • People – all the mums, dads, grandma’s and children who come along and keep coming.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Volunteers – we currently have no-one to help in the kitchen and desperately need a few volunteers who could come weekly/ monthly to help prepare snacks, help with set up/ clear away or even just chat with mums and be an extra pair of hands.
  • Church of the Ascension – that relationships would continue to strengthen and we would become united in serving God in our area
  • Rent – further financial provision towards the rest of our rent for coming year
  • Relationships – that God’s hand would be on the natural ebb and flow of the group as many mums go back to work in the coming few months.
  • Young mums – that we would become better at connecting with and welcoming the many younger mums who live in the area.