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Resilience… Service… Effectiveness… Vision

GLS Team_at_StaffordAll themes from this year’s Global Leadership Summit, hosted by Willow Creek.

Riverside took it’s largest ever team to the relayed conference in Stafford for 2 days to hear from speakers with world-class expertise and insight in the field of biblical, Christian leadership. The summit now reaches 260,000 leaders in 875 cities and 120 countries, and its impact and influence in encouraging and equipping leaders for the highest Christian leadership in their churches and workplaces is staggering.

Over the last few years, we have realized the incredible positive “lift” for new and current leaders in the church by attending and then following up this teaching. It was a special joy to welcome Jay Thomas-Morton, and to see BSL interpretation throughout the whole conference.

Personally, it was two days of insight and hearing from God – specifically into issues needing guidance and direction, and a tangible sense of His presence. As a team, we were able to discuss “hot topics” for us as a church and to directly apply tools and insights being presented.