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Riverside Christmas Dinner

Christ’s birth is good news, no debate. The Christmas Day service at Riverside House is a joy-filled party. But what happens afterwards? What if you don’t have a family? What if money is a bit tight? What if you’re the one left in charge of the cooking?

I’m part of a Community Group that meets, fortnightly or monthly, for Sunday lunch. Just like a typical family Sunday lunch, only with the understanding that “family” includes anyone and everyone who wants to join us. We share cooking and washing up. We make new friends and deepen existing friendships. It’s noisy, multicultural, and mildly chaotic. And fun. If you’ve not been, you’ve missed out! Three years ago we also realised that if we were to take this understanding of family seriously, then it has to extend to Christmas Day too.

Highlights of this year’s Riverside Christmas Dinner…

–  The food! Chinese-English fusion cooking of the highest standard (thanks Tjutju – your culinary skills are immense!) Turkey the size of a mini. Ten different kinds of pudding.

–  The people. From at least four continents, with and without family, with and without English, with and without faith. Even with and without teeth!

–  The craic. Chat, laughter, saying grace in five different languages, and unlimited washing-uppers.

–  And underpinning all this, the fact that it isn’t just for Christmas. The church family is here throughout the year.

So don’t wait until next Christmas! Come to an Open Lunch – second and fourth Sunday of every month, Riverside House, after the second service. Bring your friends, spouse, kids, anyone you see looking a bit lost after the morning service. Sharing God’s love requires friendship, and eating together is an ace place to start.