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Riverside Money Advice

In February, the charity Consumer Credit Counselling Service, warned that families in the West Midlands are sitting on a debt time-bomb – households are struggling to meet mortgage payments, spending a high proportion of their incomes on debt repayments and increasingly needing to seek help as they struggle to make ends meet.

We are finding this true for many within both church and our local community.  Our mission: “God’s love, hope, and freedom from debt”.

We recognise that people get into financial difficulty for many reasons – poverty, change of circumstances, irresponsible lending etc. There are increasing numbers of payday loan providers and pawn brokers in the South Birmingham area that can only be increasing the hardship that many are experiencing in the current financial climate.  Riverside Money Advice wants to bring hope and freedom to those in need of help.

In February and March we received 2 training days and have affiliated with Community Money Advice & Advice UK for further support and help.  We are thankful for the provision of trust and grant funding to start Riverside Money Advice.  Pray for us as we bring together our team and start helping new clients.  May we be able to show them God’s love and care in their situation and setting them on the road to freedom from debt, making money servant and not master, and piecing lives back together.

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