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Riverside Money Course 2012

The newly developed Riverside Money Course from Riverside Money Advice ran for the first time in October and November across three Sunday evenings. We aimed to simply and easily establish basic principles in handling income and expenditure, and work through some examples for getting your finances balanced. Each participant applied the principles to their own situation and by the final evening, were happily setting up their own system to run a monthly budget with expenditure less than income, identify bills that could be paid by direct debit, and setting money aside for future bills.

Our aim was to provide practical help with no assumption about the level of maths or ability in handling money, and to be available for follow-up for those with more complex issues. Everyone on the course came with questions and things that didn’t add up or with blanks or zeroes in parts of their finances, but in our eyes became heroes as they got to grips with their finances and gained skills that will help them be good stewards of what God provides for them.

Riverside Money Advice’s mission – to provide advice and help in handling money, freedom from debt, and the support of loving community. This includes helping people get in control of their money, and providing practical help and rescue when there is a debt situation. Since the course we have met with three people to provide additional help.

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