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Riverside Performing Arts

Since 1996, Riverside school of Performing Arts has come a long way, not only training over 100 young people in performing arts, but also developing drama training and performances across the country in the work of Raw Nerve Theatre Company.  Over the course of a year, the student drama team and the theatre company may perform to between 28-30,000 people in schools, community venues, churches and theatres around Birmingham and across the UK.

Now we are bringing all that creativity and performance of the theatre company and the training course together under the new name of Riverside Performing Arts. This is now the name for both the theatre company and the training school and it recognises our base, coming from Riverside Church. To celebrate Riverside Performing Arts, we have a brand new logo and a new website. So why not check us out at:

We are now auditioning for the new 2012-13 performing arts training course. If you know of a young person who is passionate about theatre and about their Christian faith, please direct them to the website for more information.

Helen Farquharson 442 2586