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Riversiders show God’s care is global

Sudan, largest country in Africa has been plagued by civil war, isolation and poverty for decades. A ceasefire after 20 years of civil war left millions of people stranded away from their homes, living in very basic conditions, traumatised from their experiences.

Who cares? God cares about that “forgotten country” with an Arab Muslim majority and a significant African Christian minority, mainly from the southern parts.
Those Christians asked a friend (and Arab Christian) to come over and help.
He gathered a team of 7 and went last October to share about God’s love and to share it practically. The Christians in the Nuba Mountains had especially requested a doctor, which is why I was asked to come along (I’m a GP in Sparkhill in my “day job”). Despite initial concerns “what can I do/offer?”; it felt a “God thing” and was a great privilege to be there. It was humbling to see the local pastors and Christians from neighbouring countries using the limited means and opportunities they have, to share God’s love to those who don’t know him. In years to come this may be even harder. We had the privilege to encourage them, pray for and with them. It was moving to help them respond to the practical need around them, including seeing patients, who don’t usually have access to any medical care. We bought medicines in Cairo and Khartoum with money donated by caring people in the UK to give away for free in God’s name. Thank you!

Please pray for the Muslim majority in Sudan – that they discover Gods love for them; the Christian Nuba people and others in the north – that God sustains them in difficult times; and for Africa’s youngest nation, the south Sudan – with hardly any infrastructure, for healing for this hurting nation.

Andreas Melchior,