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Riverside’s Gardening Team

Where did God place Adam and Eve? In a garden – so that they could care for His creation. Many people’s first contact and connection with the natural world occurs in a garden – with the birds, flowers, insects, dew on the grass or frost on a cobweb. God gave us eyes that can and should delight in His creation.

The gardens at Riverside House were designed, and are maintained, for people to enjoy; they should be welcoming, inviting people to come and share with us. Frequently, when the garden team has been at work in the front gardens we have had passers-by making very positive comments and engaging us in conversation. I hope the garden says “Come in” to them. One local resident pauses each day to enjoy the plants and nature presented before him.

Pedestrians, car drivers and bus passengers enjoy the view—these gardens communicate all the good things of creation and are a clear signpost to people to a community that cares and is stewarding well what has been given. As the building project continues to restore the backdrop to these gardens, that signpost gets more inviting.

The garden team usually meets on the first Saturday of every month. We continue to maintain and develop all the garden areas. There are always new projects we should like to see ‘grow’. If you would like to try us out and lend a hand, please contact Dave or just turn up at about 9am on the first Saturday – no need to bring any tools—we’ll provide everything you need – for an enjoyable morning of exercise, creativity and fellowship.
Dave Worthington 07552 939911