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You may or may not know, but here at Riverside Church we are blessed to have some quality young people!
The main event is on a Friday evening where we run ROC (for 11’s-14’s) followed by MIFF (15’s-18’s). Small groups also happen during the week, and annual weekends away. We place a strong emphasis on mission both overseas and on our own doorstep in Birmingham.
One of the defining characteristics of the youth work is that we would be a group who continue to look out for each other by supporting each other practically and in prayer. While at the same time continuing to make others feel welcome. ROC and MIFF are primarily focused on people and valuing them for who they are and not seeing them as projects.
This term we are looking at the role of the Holy Spirit within our lives— helping us, encouraging us, giving us strength and providing power to breakthrough tough situations.
In the spring term we will be helping the young people make sense of their identity while growing up in a crazy digital world. Where everything around us is instant, and only temporary and will not last. The only constant in our lives is being in relationship with Jesus. It is our role to help the young people discover life in all it’s fullness and beautifulness so that they can go on and change a broken world.

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