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Step up, step out.

1st January 2012 saw a service with a difference. On arrival everyone collected a stone, and after reflecting on the past year were asked to write on it something they were thankful for.  After the Israelites had crossed the river Jordan into the Promised Land they built a memorial to what the Lord had done (Joshua 4) – likewise Riversiders were invited to pile their stones as a memorial of thankfulness to God for what He had done for them in 2011.

Later in the service time was taken to think about dreams, visions and prayers for 2012, firstly for oneself, and secondly for Riverside as a church.  Big sheets of paper were posted around the room for people to write on, and here’s a little feedback on what you shared…

A common theme on the YOURSELF sheets was the need to spend time in prayer, drawing near to God and being aware of His presence and guidance in your life.  People wanted to grow in listening to God, being filled afresh with the Spirit and receiving His restoration.  People also highlighted the importance of obedience; having the courage to put complete trust in His grace and not being afraid of who God has called you to be.

On the RIVERSIDE sheets you called attention to the fact that at Riverside we are a family of God.  There was a desire for all ages to come together and connect with one another within church, but also the joining together as one body as we reach out to the community.  The dreams, visions and prayers for both YOURSELF and RIVERSIDE recognised that as Christians we are a ‘sent’ people, ambassadors for the Kingdom of God.  There was a passion to bless our community with friendship and compassion, bringing Heaven to earth through crossing cultural barriers with love and in the name of Jesus.  Our prayers were with various outreach projects in Riverside, our hopes that as a church we would step up and step out in Christlike servanthood, using the variety of gifts and skills we have in Riverside to reach those who don’t yet know Jesus.

“Live the Story” in 2012!