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Sunday, 3rd June (Jubilee Weekend)

The Big Lunch is a national initiative started a few years ago to encourage people to get to know their neighbours and to help a sense of community grow in Britain. I live in Kings Heath and we had our first Big Lunch two years ago and are now planning our third such event. It has been one of the best things that I have ever been involved in as it has many, many benefits apart from the day itself.

You can make your Big Lunch big or small, simple or  complex – it’s up to you! In the past we have closed our road. This year we are in the local park (which is free)  – although we have to get insurance and event license arranged. It isn’t too difficult and if it seems too daunting you can hold it in your garden or at the front of your houses and keep it simple. There is a great web site to tell you all that you need to know: or email or phone 0845 850 8181.

The day itself has been great fun as we have shared food together, had a table top quiz, face painting, live music and various games for everyone to join in – or sit out and watch! The on-going benefit of The Big Lunch has been a growing sense of community in the road, knowing neighbours by name, meeting up for a coffee, giving a baby shower for one of the neighbours, carol singing together to raise money for the homeless at Christmas and The “Avenue Road Book Club” has recently been formed. One neighbour said in a note to me “what a lovely road we live in.”

So why not give it a go this year and see who else in your road is interested.

If you would like to get in touch to find out more you can email me at  Have fun!