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The Olympics – a call to prayer!

With significant security challenges surrounding the Olympics, and terrorism and organised crime posing the greatest threats, the most effective weapon to combat these lies in our own hands—Prayer.

It is also an opportunity for Christians to shine out with the light of Jesus like never before. 90% of the nations from across the globe will be in the UK in an unprecedented way as we host these games.

John Miles recollects a Riverside prayer meeting above the Billesley Pub where God impressed on us the need to pray for the security of our city. The next day a powerful car bomb was placed in Birmingham’s city centre, near a club where many young people mingled. The bomb was discovered and detonated that evening but only the detonator went off. The main explosive did not explode—saving many lives and injuries. God intervened in answer to prayer.

Come and pray for the security of the nation.
Come and pray for the nations of our world.
Come and pray for the light of Jesus to shine across our land.

Prayer is a most powerful weapon.
“Satan trembles when he sees the weakest Christian on their knees.”

Our next prayer gathering is next Sunday, 7.30pm-9pm at Riverside House.