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The Prayer Wall

The Prayer Wall is a simple vision and vehicle to unite and inspire prayer and pray-ers across Birmingham. It facilitates an online community connecting needs with pray-ers and uniting prayer across the city.

The hope is that this connection will inspire an increase in prayer for the city, engaging people from different churches and inspiring them with the privilege and power of prayer. The fulfilment of such a vision is the drawing close of God that prayer and unity facilitates and which results in life and blessing for all.

The Prayer Wall vision is linked to faith in a loving God who is powerful to redeem and restore fullness of life for all people.  The prayer wall vision is linked to a conviction about the necessity of prayer for releasing the Peace and Power of God.  The prayer wall vision is linked to an understanding of the value of united prayer, encouraging us that we are not alone therefore inspiring our endurance and maturing in prayer.

How does it work?

The point of this Prayer Wall is not to register all the prayer going on, but to unite prayer, to inspire the growth of a praying community, and to therefore influence an increase in prayer across the city.

The idea is that you select a time slot that you would like to pray within, register yourself against that time slot, and then get on with the praying. Thoughts on engagement and commitment are there to help with inspiration and direction.  The guestbook and details of others praying are to facilitate connection and encouragement as part of a citywide praying community.

Andy Worthington 442 4484