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Urban Vision, Birmingham – Loving friendships

I came to Birmingham for 5 weeks, with my family so that I could work with Riverside and the Urban Vision team in the Balsall Heath area. I am a student at All Nations College and this block placement provided the chance to see cross-cultural mission in practice.

My time was spent observing lots of the different projects running in the community – Hope Twenty11, the Kingsbridge Project, Narthex Centre, mentoring individuals, the Springfield Project and many more. I also had the chance to meet lots of different Muslims and discuss their understanding and practices of prayer and fasting during Ramadan. It was a fantastic way to learn about the Muslim culture and grasp something of the way to engage as Christians with the community. The common theme running through these projects was loving friendships.

Reflecting on my time here I have witnessed some great examples of Christians having Christ-like friendships with Muslim’s. These loving friendships have been built on a genuine desire to understand other peoples’ culture and religion. This has established trust and honesty, through which God is working. But isn’t this a big investment and long process? Yes, but one which begins to open many doors of opportunity for Good News to be communicated and understood in the Muslim community.