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Will Weaver’s ministry in Africa

World Cup 2010 South Africa; 80 thousand vuvuzela’s making a noise like a bee hive, the attention of millions tuning in to watch the latest stars and some old faces such as Diego Maradona on the touch lines. What a great opportunity to share the love of God with fans, children, young people and adults and to join hands with churches and faith based organisations. With Ambassadors In Sport, I was able to distribute soccer gospel related flyers, DVDs of KAKA giving his testimony, evangelical books written by an ex pro, train volunteers wanting to know how to share their faith through football and participating in football activities and lead tournaments. People from both townships and privileged suburbs of the black and Afrikaans community were inspired by sports ministry training and able to lead bible based soccer clinics around and during the World Cup. It was great to see black coaches working with white leaders and investing into the lives of over 150 children during the final week of the football world cup and to learn that other delegates having received training prior to the major event, had been able to impact children in their communities during the event. Our touring team that shared testimonies with amateur football teams and prison inmates, children living with HIV and AIDS were impacted in Soweto and Durban and gave us opportunity to build on current ministry and open doors for a new office this year. In fact, on January 23rd at 7pm, Riverside House, I will be hosting an evening with dinner and a presentation relating to my ministry with Ambassadors in Sport and my role as team leader in Durban, KwaZulu Natal over the next two years. Please consider if you are able to attend the evening and purchase a ticket from me between services at £10 in order to help raise funds.

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