Here at Riverside Church, Birmingham, we are passionate about seeing young adults in the church grow as they become the men and women that God has intended them to be.

The 18+ ministry covers a whole range of people, from first year students to married couples in their late twenties. Whoever you are, you are welcome at Riverside Church. You could be an integral part of the church community and be part of one of our groups that meet in homes around the city on weekday evenings. We’d love for you to get involved, whether you’ve just started coming to Riverside, or even if you’ve not yet committed your life to Jesus Christ. We want you to find the fullness of life that comes from personally knowing Jesus, and also to find a desire to share your faith with others.

Please do contact Tim to find out about upcoming events or to ask any questions you might have about becoming more involved in life at Riverside.

We also encourage you to join the 18plus facebook group to stay up-to-date.

If you’re studying in Birmingham and looking for a local church to settle in, please visit the student page to find out more.




If you have any questions, please contact Tim.