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Healing on the Streets: Praying as Jesus prayed

Healing on the StreetsMany say they are impressed by those who do Healing on the Streets but don’t understand what keeps us going! There are 8 teams around the city offering prayer. Riverside and New Life Baptist Church are on the 2nd Saturday each month in Kings Heath.

Why? Jesus said, Matt 10:6-8 (The Message)

How? We invite passers-by to come for prayer. Having asked, “What do you want?” we pray for God’s presence, love and peace, alongside healing and other issues. Praying like Jesus, whatever the need.

What happens? Each person is touched by God in some way. A number return giving thanks to God for their healing. Increasingly people are coming to faith: – recently two people in Kings Heath, one in Blackheath, another one in Aston, and two people last month at St Martins.

One man with huge circulation problems in his right leg was in constant pain, and he’d been told he could lose his leg. After prayer, he experienced complete absence of pain. He (and we) were amazed. After this we led him gently to the Lord. He was so thankful. Seeing God touch people is amazing; we want to see so much more as there are so many lost, confused people right on our streets.

Obedience and compassion motivate us; praying for healing is now a lifestyle. If you’d like to know more, HoTs training is available on April 12th.

Linda Isgrove  442 4484