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A Vision for Community

Following prayer for the local area, God prompted me to set up a prayer group for the junior school my children attend, which has recently been going through a tough time.  I approached the Head, who was very supportive of the idea and allowed me to leaflet parents and advertise the group on the school website and in newsletters.

The group has now met 4 times and we have seen some very exciting and specific answers to prayer such as:

The appointment of a new Deputy and governor, both Christians

The formation of a Ground Force team where many parents and children have given up time at weekends to tackle overgrown areas of the school grounds which now look beautiful.

A grant to create an eco-garden and raised beds for growing vegetables plus 5 men to come and do the work!  Very nice!

We prayed specifically for a turnaround in parental attitudes towards the school and for increased parental involvement. This is happening in many different ways and at the last prayer meeting the Head gave thanks for the fact she feels there is such a different atmosphere in the school.

We praise and thank God for what he is doing and pray that he may touch the lives of children, families and staff.

I passionately believe God wants to bring blessing to local schools and make them beacons of His love in our community. If you are interested in setting up a prayer group for your child’s school have a look at  or have a chat with me.