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Pineapple Kids Club

Pineapple kids club happens every Wednesday on the Pineapple estate from 4-5.30pm and has been running almost 2 years now. Since September we have branching it into two groups due to the varying ages so the kids meet in the hall and the older youth 11-12 yr olds meet at my house at the same time.

Is there growth?

Since Christmas we have had 4 new kids coming along to the kids club. It’s exciting to see growth in numbers as this has been an ongoing prayer point. Two of these are boys which balances the numbers of boys and girls who attend. The older youth group continues to have good numbers with a core 8 coming each week and others who generally come just for the trips and socials.

What is happening spiritually?

We see God affecting the lives of the kids in different ways weekly. Some have never had Christian input so it’s a real privilege to be able to introduce them to Jesus. We had an Easter egg hunt around Highbury Park with over 20 kids showing up for it. It finished with an Easter quiz in their groups, which created amazing conversations about the real meaning of Easter, particularly with the older boys! We have seen some breakthrough in attention seeking behaviour patterns for some of the kids. Responding to them in a positive way when they misbehave causes almost instant results! What a privilege to work with them!

How can people pray in thanks and for specific needs?

We weekly have to depend on God to provide the right numbers of leaders in which he is faithful but we recently lost both Leah and Eddy who helped with the youth club so a prayer point would be for more leaders as it is tight! We had been struggling with finances to pay for hall rent and resources for the kids. Praise God for an amazing much needed donation recently made to the club! I am reminded every week how God provides for our every need… He’s the best boss to work for!