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Riverside Youth at Dame Elizabeth

Hello everyone!  Riverside Youth here at Dame Elizabeth.  We wanted to give you an update on what has been going on in with our community work as #ChangeMakers.  You can follow us on Twitter @_Change_Makers_ – there you will see what we are getting up to.

Previously, having sat and chatted with the lovely Joan one morning, she came to church thanks to our youth inviting her!  She loved “singing the songs” at DEC and wanted us to go round and “sing with her in the garden”.  Following that, on 10th May, 10 of the Change Makers team ventured to Joan’s house to do some gardening for her.  She had provided drinks, sweets and cakes for us, it was a fantastic morning—the young people were incredible at getting stuck in and helping Joan.

The other picture you can see is from the Big Lunch – 7th June.  Way back on 15th February, the young people walked around the local area with tea, coffee and cakes for whoever we bumped into.  We came across the boating lake clubhouse – here the men received us extremely well.  They invited us to come over and use the boats one afternoon.  4 months later (with much better weather) that’s what we did.  They were so hospitable and made the young people feel welcome . . In return, three of the men stayed behind and joined in with our Big Lunch – what an end to the day!

And finally, the 31st May saw our young people tidy the grounds of DEC school, much to the delight of the school who wrote a letter of thanks directly to the young people.  Great work guys!

Martin Woodruff
0121 442 4484