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Stay and Play

In a quiet, understated kind of way, things have changed at Stay and Play on a Wednesday morning… The majority of people who come no longer travel only from far flung places like Kings Heath and the ever-so-exotic Shirley, but from the doorstep of Riverside House itself. Over the last few months we have seen an increase in the number of people who come for the simple reason that they live within a very short distance of our building. Half of our 48 regular families attending live within Moseley, with about 14 of them coming from the streets immediately surrounding Riverside House.

Stay and Play exists to build relationships with people in our community, but can only do so if we have people to connect with and love those who come. We would love to see more Riversiders getting alongside people on Wednesday mornings, whether with their own preschool children, or simply as someone who has a heart to reach out to those who don’t yet know God.

Riverside House’s group has always been popular but our prayer is that families who attend know it not just as somewhere with nice coffee, but also as somewhere that they can discover something of how much God cares for them.

We continue to monitor numbers on Wednesday mornings but do not currently have a waiting list. There are however, always spaces available for those who are part of Riverside.