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Stay and Plays

Parents and carers are often heard commenting on the welcome that they receive at a Riverside led Stay and Play. Children and adults enjoy playing and sharing time together and both feel cared for by the church as a result. Our term-time Stay and Plays reach people in different areas, but each seeks to provide a welcome, friendship, and an opportunity to demonstrate Jesus’ love in everything that takes place.

Ladypool Road Congregational Church: Monday morning

A much-appreciated group which provides a safe place for mums and carers in Balsall Heath for whom other groups are not always an option. On the look-out for a new leader and for cake bakers and people to serve drinks. 

Riverside House: Wednesday morning

Providing quality play and friendship for those with under 5s in areas surrounding Riverside House. Are grateful for new people coming to help and would also be grateful for help setting up.

Pineapple Stay and Play , Church of the Ascension: Thursday morning

An expression of Stirchley Community Group, building on-going friendships with families around Pineapple. Would love more help setting up and investing in relationships with those who attend.

Everyone knows someone who attends Stay and Play groups – please pray that the groups are places of acceptance for adults and children alike. 

For more information contact Kirsty McLachlan 442 4484