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Weekends Away

Roc Weekends awayWhat a great feeling of satisfaction of being part of one of the best weekends that there has ever been! Both weekends were an incredible time of laughs, mad games, sleepless nights, friendships being established, freezing football, pranks, but everything with God being at the centre of all that we are.

The theme for both weekends was “Character”, looking firstly at God’s character, our own character and then identifying God’s characteristics within us. For Roc we had Sam Hughes and Hannah Kirkby (youth workers from Walsall)  who brought amazing creativity, pastoral care and a prophetic edge to the sessions held in the chapel. It was also brilliant to have eight young leaders from Miff with us who took part in all the challenges and led the teams brilliantly.

Nathan Isles (senior manager with Youth For Christ) challenged us on the Miff weekend to live our faith as an adventure, to not live a life that is full of apathy and fear, but to live life in all of its fMiff Weekends awayullness and beauty.
The weekends away are an essential part of the young people’s development and discipleship. I really believe that God met with everyone exactly where they were at in their own journey of faith. Do pray for all the follow up conversations that are now happening, for the guys and girls who made a firm commitment to follow Jesus, for those who are getting baptised in a few weeks and also for the kids weekend that is happening right now.  Pray that they would encounter God in a new way and that their weekend would be 100 times better than ours!

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