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Ourspace… His space

Loco LoungeRiverside Church community is diverse and varied and we are blessed to have quite a high proportion of single people from the age of thirty upwards. A few years ago we decided that once a month we would have lunch together to develop friendship and enjoy each others’ company.   We called this “ourspace” and it has been running ever since.

Red Lion in AlvechurchIt is always great when new people join the church, providing a place to get to know others who are at a similar life-stage. Our values are very simple – friendship, mutual encouragement and honest conversation over food.

We go for lunch on the first Sunday of every month and always allow for people just turning up on the day. Sometimes we go out to a country pub and have been known to go for a walk as well. We have had Saturday brunches in people’s homes and are long overdue another one of these.

Eating together is biblical. It deepens community and makes for great open conversation and good times! We would love you to join us one Sunday. Just have a word with one of us before or after the second service and we can make sure you come with us.

On Sunday 2nd March we are going out to the Red Lion in Alvechurch so do join us for a great pub lunch and the chance to walk it off again!

John Kirkman, Marc Cottrell and Judy Moore
(the ourspace team)