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Riverside Team in Kenya Nov 2013

Riverside Team in Kenya Nov 2013This is Africa’ was the common phrase every day, as the five of us – David and Linda Isgrove, Sue Weaver, Andy Connolly and James Isgrove – faced change, uncertainty, and delays! But ‘This is Africa’ also speaks of the amazing openings for our ICY Kenya team, all originally from Kibera slum, who are teaching young (and some older) Kenyans in schools, groups and churches in missional leadership, theology and discipleship. We were able to work with them on some projects they had started in response to local needs.

Riverside Team in Kenya Nov 2013.The first week in South Nyanza over 1100 graduated from the course and 140 became Christians (the result of an opening into schools). We were helping out with “Riverside School” that the team had started, putting up guttering to catch rain water for drinking, playing with the kids and also speaking to church leaders.

The following week in Nairobi there were more graduations, and visits to homes in Kibera with opportunities to pray for families, sessions for girls on self-esteem and identity in Christ, one-on-one times with the African team, preaching, marriage counselling and a great safari in Nairobi National Park! There is so much need it can be overwhelming, but it’s so exciting to see prayers answered and young people becoming disciples.

David also flew out to Rwanda, Burundi & Tanzania to meet with church leaders there, who want to start running the course.
David and Linda Isgrove
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