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Sevenoaks mission

This autumn, Nick Cuthbert and a team from Riverside are leading a mission to Sevenoaks in Kent. The first main events are Oct 3/4 as a taster and then Nov 21/22, 28/29, Dec 5/6.

An email from the organiser of the mission in Sevenoaks reads: ‘There is a lot of enthusiasm building in the churches …The Holy Spirit is clearly working in the churches. People are thrilled that we now have 20 churches involved, from all denominations, and that there are more to come. Nick has made a very good impression; we had a particularly good breakfast meeting with him on 16 May at which many churches were represented and there was a wonderful feeling of unity. Several churches came on board after that session because they could see the Lord’s hand in this. About half of our churches have held launch meetings, at which they are introducing Nick in person or on video.

I am actually quite worried now that we may fill up the Stag Theatre (the venue) and people will not be able to get in. (The venue will only hold 1,000 each night) That is why we are considering a video feed to one of the cinemas (we’ll probably show a kids’ film in the other one). I am not complacent, we will need to push the selling of tickets and the invitation-to-friends very hard. But I am worried that people will be disappointed and not able to get in. There must be about 4,000 regular churchgoers in this area and the great bulk of them go to HopeFest-supporting churches. If only 1,000 come and invite one friend each, you can see the problem! Still, a nice problem to have if it transpires. One apprentice at St Nick’s wants us to negotiate discounts with restaurants in the town so people can go out after or before the Stag events.’
Please make a point of praying for this strategic outreach that it will produce fruit. Pray for the people of Sevenoaks and for Nick and the team. Thanks.