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Who are “aROMa”?

The Riverside Overseas Mission (aROMa) team has the privilege of equipping and supporting the church’s mission partners in every way that we can; spiritually, practically and financially.

We manage a sizeable budget earmarked for ‘overseas mission’ – the result of Riversiders’ generous giving through tithes and offerings. The aROMa budget is divided between our long-term mission partners, support of Riversiders going on short-term overseas mission teams, as well as aid, relief and development projects.

At our monthly meetings (which always involve cake!) we chat through any changes our mission partners are facing and how we can best support them practically and prayerfully.

If you would like to be involved in aROMa, please do come and have a chat with one of us! We appreciate your involvement and generosity in supporting the work of overseas mission at Riverside, expressing something of God’s heart for all people groups and nations.

From the aROMa team (Alice Botham, Helen Scott-Cook, Marc Cottrell, Esther Kappers, Emma Keeling, Graeme Saunders & Graham Wilkes)

We currently pray for and support in different ways, the following people, who are at work on our behalf in various parts of the world:

Mike & Rachel Hill
Graham & Andrea Parker
Stephen Worthington
Will Weaver
Libby Karangwa-Miles
Emma Thomas
Andy & Leah Wilson
Harry & Sandy Hewat
Steve & Mihaela Jones
James Tomlinson
Paul & Henri Duncan
Bryan & Diane Wilson