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Wow at St Martins in the Bullring!

The Healing on the Streets Training weekend in Feb was run by Riverside and other Churches at St Martin’s – it was an amazing time. 110 people from 35 Birmingham churches came, wanting to develop a HotS team for St Martin’s, initially once a month. The long line of chairs by the market was at least two-thirds-filled all afternoon; people saying they felt God’s presence and those asking for healing often said they felt heat. One lady who had come into town to buy a cabbage received a leaflet (about Riverside), said “Oh! You’re from Riverside—I used to go over ten years ago”. She shared she felt God had abandoned her. Receiving prayer she burst into tears, said she felt God’s presence and realised that she had abandoned God and needed to come back to Him. She left excited and blessed with the decision to get connected back into a church. Two people made decisions to follow Jesus – it was a fantastic time.

As a result a team gathered on the 1st Sat in March. Elsie (the assistant priest) fed back “I was tremendously encouraged …we had 33 people from 18 different churches including 6 young people from Dorridge. We estimate nearly 100 people were prayed for. What is so encouraging is the sense of being one church together, and the way those receiving prayer are so thankful – such as the lady who had arthritis in her back and knees who said her back felt better soon after she was prayed for.

As you can see in the photo, this ministry is for ordinary everyday Christians who simply want to obey Jesus in reaching out to the broken-hearted and lost. He does the rest!!!