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Dan Harrison on Soapbox mission

Hi, I’m Dan Harrison, the CU president of Birmingham University CU. This summer I went with Soapbox to an orphanage just outside Johannesburg called “The Love of Christ Ministries” (TLC). It was less of an orphanage and more of a large home and at the back of the house they set up a nursery. This was a place where abandoned babies were taken to be cared for and nursed until they could be adopted/fostered themselves all over the world. Essentially, this is where I spent my 3 weeks, looking after 40 babies along with the other volunteers; this included feeding, bathing, changing, playing with them and generally showing them the love which had not been shown to them thus far in their short lives.

I just want to thank God for:

  • looking after us and keeping us safe, even though our team leader had to go home because of illness
  • enabling me to show love to children with horrific pasts
  • teaching me to trust him and enabling my faith in him to grow
  • showing me that he is working all over the world in the lives of people who are willing to serve him
  • having a lot of fun

TLC relies heavily on God to provide for their needs and I was pleased to be a part of it in serving them in this way