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Mission Uganda 2009

Last August saw a team of 15 make a return trip to Kampala, Uganda. The team were made up of ‘Miff’ers and their leaders. Birmingham – car rental . We were once again hosted by Ken and Heather Davidison and their daughter Naomi. This amazing family have helped to build and run Karios school from scratch. The school is now a thriving community with over 350 pupils.

We were there to take Creative Art lessons, assemblies and lead a sports day for the whole school. This gave our team plenty of opportunity to fully rely on God for His strength and help as we were all out of our comfort zones at one point or another. During the second week we travelled to a small village outside of Kampala. This was such a blessing to us as local community went out of their way to make us feel welcome as we helped with decorating the school and taking lessons.

The kids in the village had never made creative things with tissue paper, pens and glue – things we take for granted. Although really hard work in the heat, the smile on the children’s faces made it worthwhile. The Davidison family are also ‘Mum and Dad’ to 12 teenage lads who had previously lived on the streets or had come from abusive homes. It was fantastic laughing with them, playing football (we lost– twice!) and sharing Jesus with each other. Thanks for your support.