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Tabea Stockmeyer

Many greetings from Ludwigsburg – a city in the south of Germany I live in. I’m Tabea, 25 years old and studying Social Work. During my semester break, from July till October 2009, I did an internship with Roger and Mel Lynch. I was connected to Riverside Church by Newman University College – I didn’t expect to work with Christians at all. Also, Roger and Mel didn’t expect to get a trainee. Those are God’s ways…

The time in Birmingham was really amazing for me. I learnt an incredible amount and it was great fun to work with Roger and Mel. I helped with Ladypool Rd Stay & Play, built friendships with Asian people, saw the sports project begin to grow and helped Roger and Mel to refresh and build connections to other Christian organisations. I also helped with a cross-cultural family week and the Lunch Club in Narthex, part of St. Johns Sparkhill. I really enjoyed getting to know so many people of different cultures and so many different possibilities to serve the needs of the people. Through the internship I got an insight into work with mostly Muslim people and my interest to work in this field after my studies intensified.

I’m back in Germany now, unfortunately, but you all still have the chance to do cross-cultural work with Roger and Mel. (No, they didn’t ask me to advertise…) It’s really a great opportunity to make good friends and share God’s love in a community that needs true friendships.

Thank you so much for making me feel at home at Riverside. God bless you very richly for the huge blessing you’ve been to me.

xx Tabea