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For the love of money

Riverside Money Advice  pigHappiness is… when what you have coming in is more than what you are spending out.

Unhappiness is… when what you’re spending out is more than what is coming in.

What would do with a £1million? During recent lessons at Queensbridge School, we asked Year 10 pupils how they would use it. A new iPad, a holiday, and a flash car were all popular. Two or three are clearly planning ahead with ideas to start a business. There were surprised faces when we showed that most of us will all have £1m pass through our hands during our lifetimes.

Our Money Advice Tam are helping people with all sorts of incomes and all sorts of expenditure—and in many cases spending is far greater than what is coming in, and isn’t always on helpful things and sometimes even seriously damaging to wellbeing.Riverside Money Advice colour logo.

Work by two of our advisors has just saved someone from being evicted and taken to court over not paying council tax or rent. We prayed with her, and the following day called us to say that she had done the things we had asked to do, and had tried praying:

“I said a little prayer and it was difficult and awkward first. Then all the words sort of came out in a big flow. I woke this morning feeling so refreshed and peaceful for the first time.”

We’re here to help. If you have money worries, whether it’s too much being spent, or too little coming in, we have helpful advisors, tips and strategies that can be used, and plenty of people who’ve been in similar situations who are now in a much better place.

Give us a call – 442 4484 or e-mail and talk with one of our advisers in complete confidence.   Julian Mander