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Real Riverside Football Club

Question: What’s young, male, wears green and black, has 40-50 members, and turns out for ‘dancing on grass’ every Saturday afternoon and Monday evening?

Answer: The 2 football teams that many of Riverside’s young men participate in!

Hi, my name is Mike Holt and it is my privilege to be Chairman and Secretary of Real Riverside. Formed in 2003 from the young men of the church, it now comprises of a large squad who have A and B teams in the Birmingham Amateur F.A. Saturday league. Over the last few years the club has grown quickly we were recently awarded a small grant which will be used to further develop the club. The vision for the future is to further expand and improve our current training and coaching activities and to begin to incorporate a youth element. Our underlying prayer is that many of the not-yet Christians will come to know God’s love for themselves.

Please pray the following with us:

  • that relationships will continue to grow within the teams
  • that the Christians in the teams will have the opportunity and the boldness to share their faith through words and actions
  • that there will be an openness to hearing the gospel among the players
  • that the future developments of the club will be led and blessed by God
  • that both teams will prosper, on and off the pitch.

Above all, that in all the busy-ness of running the club, we will keep our eyes on the One who gives the vision…

Who knows? Maybe your young son (or daughter!) may be playing for Real Riverside FC in years to come?